Bid on online shopping platform and pay instantly

Shop anything from e-commerce sites with complete peace of your mind. ATM Money processes each and every deal with ease. Simply create one account on e-commerce portal and another on ATM Money and connect them for worldwide payments. Betting on a game and the in-game purchase also involves same convenience.

As a part of the digital payment solution, ATM Money presents one of the major eWallets in this world. We have designed it as the best alternative to the conventional payment system (like credit cards) or any other eWallets. Our ATM Money eWallet provides a hassle-free, easy and highly secured payment medium. So, store your money in this convenient prepaid account. Offer your clients the fastest checkout system, and boost your turnover as well as conversion rates.

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The ATM Money Prepaid MasterCardĀ® is able to revolutionize the way of making payouts. Completely integrated with all payment solutions and also supported in almost two hundred nations, your payouts can be made accessible in order to be used by payee in two hours! While the funds are obtainable, the payees may make deals online, in shops, and also at ATMs all over the world- wherever the option of MasterCard is appreciated!

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The utmost convenience to be experienced consistently

Only provide email ID and password. Sending and receiving cash, storing cards, connecting bank accounts or paying anyone becomes most expedient every time.

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Reasonable and transparent fees

Save a lot when you shop anything

ATM Money enables you to shop with great confidence ensuring that whenever you hit our ATM Money button, it is a secure option at checkout.

ATM Money for your personal use
If you like to make any purchase online or send urgent money to your relatives and buddies, a secure personal account at ATM Money is perhaps for you. Thus, never hesitate to repay your friend for sharing lunch, offer cash as a gift or purchase a book from online stores.
ATM Money for your commercial use
Online dealers can now get an easy way to make transactions and operate their company. Sign up for ATM Money products, which meet all your corporate needs. You can also allow your staffs an access to your own account to a limited extent.
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Put cash in your pocket
Your personal ATM Money account is in hands. With free ATM Money mobile app track the balance and send or request any payments securely.